About Natalie Harmon

Natalie Harmon spent 12 years in the Radio and TV Broadcasting business as a 3rd generation broadcaster in Palm Beach County. These qualities, together with her love of event planning have earned her respect from other local professionals. Natalie feels her clients’ deserve to have a consultant that will treat them like family and take their event as serious as she would her own. She is well known in the Radio and TV industry for her caring and compelling news stories and volunteer time for numerous charities. Most recently she spent two years in the marketing industry for top local and national clients writing and producing creative commercials for TV and Radio. Natalie has participated in hundreds of charity and fundraising events for organizations such as, Kiwanis in Boynton Beach, Grassy Waters Preserve in West Palm Beach, Alpert Jewish Children and Family Service’s, Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Heart Association, Cancer Society, and the YMCA. Her knowledge of production, negotiation, research, writing skills and community service, make her ideal for anyone looking to create the perfect event.

“When I started planning weddings, parties and numerous charity events not only did I realize how much I loved it, but also how I could make a huge difference in the industry. I made the decision to start my own event planning business with the idea that everyone should have a wedding/event planner even if they’re not celebrities.”

~Natalie Harmon, Owner/Event Coordinator

Natalie provides party planning services around Palm Beach County for not just Brides, but for graduation parties, anniversaries, teen birthday parties, charity events and more. In 2009 she began her endeavor to open her own event planning business and she officially opened Harmon Events in 2011. Natalie currently handles all of her clients personally and relies on vendors that she has worked with one-on-one from the TV and Radio industry. She feels the key to successful event planning is to surround your business with only the best service professionals the industry has to offer but at the prices all brides can afford.

Using her insight into production and creative writing Natalie brings her expert knowledge to the Wedding/Event planning industry, and can tap into a market segment that offers few choices for the average girl in all of us that wants to have her dream wedding.